Do you travel with a laptop stand?

Now that I’ve been working for a few days without my Cinema Display (just sold it!), I’m definitely considering getting a travel stand for my 13" Macbook Pro. Do any of you travel with one? Any recommendations?

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Lots of people recommend The Roost for its portability and lightness.


Such a tease! :smile:


I’m a happy owner of The Roost stand. It saves money on Thai massages and my neck feels much better now :slight_smile: (not to mention, that my laptop is properly ventilated now)

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Great question! Would be very interested to see what everyone else is using. I find it invaluable to always have some kind of stand for the laptop, but carrying it around is always such a hassle!

For my everyday coffee shop 'here and 'there, I pack these two tiny little clips in my pocket:

They help a little bit with the posture and they’re easier to carry than a piece of fruit! I do recommend them, even though technically not being a stand.

They just sold out. New version will be out soon though. I live by The Roost myself :slight_smile:

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I also have the Roost but i find it a bit high for good posture.
or I need a better chair, do more yoga :wink:

I also bought an external monitor. will sell it when i leave. rinse repeat.
For coffee shops I have an an aviiq

Thank you for this @magalhini I am looking or something quick to assemble and dissemble for those 2-3 hour coffee shop stops. Makes a difference when a laptop is raised even just a little bit!

I am however curious to what other people use for travel besides the roost? I am wondering if the new version will be more compact?

Also, currently out of stock, but I use one of these little collapsable ones:

I’ve had it for a few years and I love it. You can spill your coffee and not ruin your laptop. It also allows airflow if you happen to be working where it’s quite hot and your laptop is running lots of processes.

Well, until I find something that is going to be portable, I’ll keep doing this. :smile:

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I hate to link LifeHacker, but having a quick google, what about something like the: Cool Master NotePal U2 - Where it’s not collapsible, due to the design, I can imagine flipping it the other way and having it hug my macbook whilst in transport - making it less space wasting. Obviously, you don’t have to go with that exact model but I bet there are a lot of similarly designed stands that can hug your laptop.

Okay, okay, I admit it, I just wanted to say “hug your laptop”. :smiley:

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I’m using the Kensington EasyRiser

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@gijsheerkens Looks like that one folds flat?

Yes that’s correct. That’s why I bought this.

So I ended up buying the Kensington EasyRider. It’s not attractive, and a little bulkier than I’d like, but it does the job for now. When the Roost is available again, I’ll probably upgrade to it, though.

I use one that i build and market myself indipendently
which i think –honestly– fits all Digital Nomads needs.

It’s simple, sight (~200 grams / ~7 Ounces), portable…and affordable!
It’s called “Laptop Stand made of Wood” and currently it costs only 20,00 €

Here’s a picture of it (fits ALL Laptops models from 10" to 15" wide):

You can use it with or without external devices (so you don’t have to worry if mouse and keyboard don’t fit in your luggage) and it remains attached to the Laptop Stand so that you can don’t have to detach it every time you have to leave the room for a conference call.

When not in use (or while travelling) you can unmount it and make it flat (0.8cm) , slip it in the Laptop Sleeve or attach it to the laptop/sleeve using the rubber band like this:

You can find it on
@DanielGenser …you might want to give it a try :wink:

It’s build in FSC certified (beech) wood and shipped into an FSC certified packaging, so it’s even 99% eco-friendly.


I ended up ditching the Kensington stand because it was pretty big and ugly. We switched to these instead:

Did you try them yet? How do you like it?
I find those a bit unstable, plus: mine broke after 2 months.

This looks quite cool, but I’m wondering if the height is enough for me. Would love to come by some time when I’m back in Berlin, which will be not before June haha :slight_smile:

Thanks! Let me know if you pass by Berlin and i’ll buy you a beer :slight_smile:
Anyway: it’s 10cm (with a 16° slope), which we believe is the only functional height for using it with or without external keyboards and mouse.