Do you travel with a laptop stand?

Thanks! Let me know if you pass by Berlin and i’ll buy you a beer :slight_smile:
Anyway: it’s 10cm (with a 16° slope), which we believe is the only functional height for using it with or without external keyboards and mouse.

Yeah that’s an awesome side benefit, just have to check-in with my neck :smiley: Btw I’m based in Berlin, but mostly on the road these days.

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I finally bought a Roost. I wish I would have gotten it months ago when I first heard about it. Now they are sold out but if you sign up for their mailing list, they are doing a kickstarter soon for a Roost 2.0

I would honestly wait until you can get a roost as all other stands suck in comparison. Here’s a photo of Larissa (my girlfriend) using my mac and the roost at our home office in Chiang Mai.

@ricricucit amazing product! love it.

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I use this old school IKEA stant, for my 17" MBP

thanks @mikevallano !

I’m working with [StandStand][1] combining standing and sitting during the day.

I’m looking for a solution before seeing my health collapse and after 1 year on MBP 13".

What about cardboard ? :smile:

The related question : do you travel with a keyboard (which one ?) or buy one at each stop ?

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(!) I love the design but it’s not ergonomic. Your hands are supposed to rest flat or you actually will be CAUSING repetitive strain injury.

Your better off making a stand that raises the screen’s top to eye level and then adding a wireless keyboard and mouse to it. That’s ergonomic.

I honestly like the design and saw you advertise it before somewhere else, but it literally causes RSI.


Have you tried it yet?

I’ve used it for a while now and it’s quite ergonomic.
Of course if you use it on a table it’s better with a keyboard, but it’s ok also without it.
Awesome if you use it on the couch/armchair

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Ran into this very attractive and portable stand called BaseLift the other day. Would love to give it a try sometime!

(note: I’ve co-founded of
I generally love twelvesouth products…and also for this love the design, but honestly…it doesn’t look more useful than other options…and it’s not really cheap either.

I’m going to keep trolling this thread until people stop posting these laptop raisers. The studies have shown that if your palm is not rested flat on a keyboard it causes carpal tunnel and/or repetitive strain injury.

The whole point is that you raise the top of your screen to eye level and keep your palms flat.


Yeah, nothing beats The Roost for the road IMO. Eager to see how v2 will bring it to the next level.

The Roost v2 Kickstarter campaign is live! Thought might be useful for some of you as-well.

The new version has been completely redesigned and takes maximum advantage of high performance injection molding.

New in v2:

  • Height-Adjustable

  • More Compact

  • More Lightweight

  • Easier to Use

  • Compatible with almost all laptops

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I don’t care how it looks like… it’s about ergonomics! So @DanielGenser I don’t think your comment makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

I use The Roost for more than one month now! Really great product :slight_smile: No more back pain and reactions from people. For those who like, a 15% discount code :+1:

I use this one, what everyone uses back at the office, I find it portable enough.

Griffin Technology Elevator laptop stand

I do! Another vote for The Roost!