Do you want to join my working retreat in pirate village Rom Pho, Thailand?

I’m inviting all the digital nomads on a mini get together in a not so distant gate away in Thailand. Space comfortable for work and for personal life, which will help you get perfect balance :slight_smile:

Limited special offer for digital nomads :slight_smile: Would be happy to hear from everyone. Art projects, startups, events, small conferences are most welcomed :slight_smile:

For details look

I’m in for big parties

I’ve added latest photos of a place.

Hey skat,
how much will this run for? Are there already dates available?


It’s already available. We limit special offer not based on date, but based on number of people using this offer. We would like to hear feedback from 6 nomads, so far 1 has stayed with us already. So offer will be available for 5 people (or pairs).

We don’t handle bookings for now. But later on, we will list this space on Airbnb and manage bookings though them.

Cool. Will drop you a message at #nomads for more info.

I’m interested !
It’s exactly what I’m searching for, possible to have more details in PM ?

hey @skat
This place looks great. Would you happen to have anymore photos? I cant seem to find any for some of the ‘room types’ you listed.

This looks really interesting! I love how your site lists basically all the stuff I want to have when I move there :sunglasses: I’m arriving in Thailand in late May, so if people are still around there by then, I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Airbnb listing should properly illustrate this:

there are always people here :smile:

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@skat thanks for posting the airbnb page. Also, the owner of the page looks like a dude I would want to have SEVERAL beers with. Definitely a great mustache + tophat combo.

That’s my business partner, he’s a well travelled person and has some stories to share over beers :slight_smile:

Hey @skat, from Bangkok, what would be the best way to reach this house?

It’s really easy to reach from Bangkok, you go to Ekkamai bus station, catch a bus for Pattaya and ask driver to drop you off at Rompho.

He will drop you off before going to Pattaya.

Ive just started thinking about going out to Thailand

Are the prices listed per person? i.e. when you say up to 4 people, or is it the total price? i.e. divide by up to 4

Those prices are for a room, that can accommodate up to 4 people