Does anyone have experience with coliving?

Does anyone have experience with coliving? Is this lifestyle reserved for us sad and lonely nomads or is it intentional communities 2.0?

I see it as the next generation of coworking and have been thinking that it is a feasible solution for me. I’m wondering if there are any success or nightmare stories out there?

Ours is a transient, spontaneous at times, existence. What physical/geographical community can we build in this space? Is that important?


I think it is very much dependent on your own personality. Personally, coliving would be a nightmare for me. But if you like being around people a lot, it might be a great option for you.

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Yeah, it would be a nightmare for me too. I need to have my own space.

The start-up I’m working for - is creating this very thing. Locations in Ubud, Miami with London, Madrid and Buenos Aires to come!


I guess, everybody has to find his/her own nomad way.
There are a lot of coworking spaces, where people find together an maybe start living together, moving togehter, working alltogether.
In my opinion there is a lot of shifting between lifestyles happening – because nomad life is spontaneous, like you said.
Keep on looking out. You will find exactly, what you seek.

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Hey there,

I have been on both sides of this coin. I have co-lived in places and also created a coliving/coworking business that I run now. We have hosted over 60 entrepreneurs over the past year from all over the world.

I think this is an incredible experience. People want to travel and people like us don’t always fit in at hostels, especially if we have lots of work to do.

Landing in a new country and having everything set up for me not to worry, and be more productive couldn’t make for a better experience. Many times I find other digital nomads that I become friends with and we exchange consulting or work for free. This has literally saved me thousands.

Coworking and coliving in my opinion isnt going anywhere. People love this idea and it is a new way to be involved in your own tribe anywhere in the world without the hassle.


I run a coliving and coworking space in Spain called Sun and Co. ( A home to location independent workers, all under one roof.

If you want to belong, if you want to a home, if you want to be understood, if you want to have your nomad family, while you are productive and work from nice places, coliving spaces are your places.

I want to share a couple of blog posts with all of you:

Regarding your sentence about sad people, that’s totally wrong in my opinion. See here:

Regarding the feelings you get when you co-live:

Drop me a message if you have more questions :slight_smile:

“People are amazing and coliving makes them bright.”


Thanks for your response! Noting your links.
Just to be clear, I should probably have put quotes around the sad and lonely comment. By no means is that meant as a representation or generalization of my experience or how I see this community! I think I wanted to refer to the isolation that I sometimes feel, or maybe loneliness for other nomads. For people who get it, as your post mentions.

Awesome contribution!

Yes, sorry, too direct regarding the sad people in my previous comment.
I totally understand what you mean :wink:
Belonging and being part of a community is what I meant.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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