Does anyone know of a laptop backpack that meets British Airways' new carry-on requirements?

BA has recently reduced the permissible dimensions for a carry-on personal item to 40 x 30 x 15 cms (i.e. 16 x 12 x 6 ins). I’ve been travelling by train since June, but I’m about to fly again and see that my wonderful laptop backpack is now oversized. Can anyone recommend a laptop backpack that fits within the new dimensions?

not the answer you’re looking for obviously, but can’t you fly with a different airline?

Naw, I’ve already got my ticket! (Adding a few words to meet word count requirement.)

I’ve found (and ordered) something: the Kensington Triple Trek K62591EU 13-inch to 14-inch backpack. Its dimensions are 10.2 x 25.4 x 35.6 cms, so there’s quite a bit of room to spare, at least in its empty state. £30 at Amazon.

I’d still be quite interested in knowing of other packs that meet the new size requirement.

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I use this as my personal item/laptop bag (8x16x4 in). Pretty happy user, although it does feel noticeably smaller than any other day pack I’d used in the past.

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That looks like a very smart and well-designed bag. I like the looks of their other bags as well.

Good lord that’s a ridiculously small carry-on allowance… I got a Farpoint 40 specifically because it meets IATA regulation size, which until this was smaller than pretty much every major airline’s rules…

yeah. there comes a point where you just have to say fuck it and check the bag vs buying equipment specially for an airline with super restrictive sizes. The super small bag above is cute but doesn’t seem very usable on a day to day basis. Personally. i have a 20l bag that collapses to the size of a tennis ball. I use that as my “extra” bag because unless it’s full it just collapses in on itself so it fits into any size carry-on check box. that way I’m not stuck carrying around a super small day pack that can hardly carry anything.

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@Ani are you really sure about this, where have you read this?

British Airways states it allows you to take 2 items:

  • 1 handbag/laptop bag, 40x30x15cm/16x12x6in
  • 1 additional cabin bag, 56x45x25cm/22x18x10in

Both with a max weight of 23kg/51lb:

you posted the exact same thing:

I imagine he has one full size carryon (larger) bag and since they reduced the size of the laptop bag his 2nd one is too big now.

Yes, that’s it. My previous laptop bag is now too small, so I’ve ended up replacing it. I like my new bag, though - it’s never going to feel too heavy!

How strict is British Airways on the exact size of the “1 handbag/laptop bag, 40x30x15cm/16x12x6in”?

If your laptop bag is 16"x10"x8" (which would definitely fit under the seat in front of you), are they really going to force you to check it?

BA are serious about it. They have discretion, of course, but I would just as soon have a bag that I know will not be questioned. I found one in November and it’s serving me very well.