Does anyone know of great beaches in Eastern Europe outside of Schengen?

Looking for a place besides Croatia in Eastern Europe to go to the beach… any ideas? Looking for a place that is exciting and fun and not too sleepy.

Montenegro, Bulgaria and Romania. Bulgaria and Romania are outside Schengen, even though they are in the EU.

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Albania. I didn’t get to the beach but everyone raves about them. apparently they’re some of the cleanest given the low tourism and it’s dead cheap.

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I second @wanderingdev. Albanis is a good shout, everyone raves about them. I’m planning to go this year and a friend of mine stayed in Sarandë for a month or so and loved it.

Montenegro is good too, and has a nice mix of old town charm and party (if you want that).

Nice I’ll go to Albania also then…and Montenegro …on a bus right now headed to Saraevjo from Belgrade for 6 days

Have fun in Sarajevo. It’s my most favourite city in the world.

If you get a chance, take a walk up to the White Fortress about an hour before sunset and climb out onto the ledge. Once ramadan starts tomorrow, you’ll hear the canon fire at sunset. It’s a fabulous view!

I LOVED Sarajevo. I ended up doubling the time I planned to stay there and I can’t wait to go back. I could see living there for a while, easily.

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I’m originally from Constanta which is a beach side city in Romania. This is what I can tell you about Romania and Bulgaria, as far as beach resorts go:

  • very exciting, especially if you go to Constanta;
  • a lot of fun activities to take part in;
  • decent waterpark for an eastern european country;
  • a lot of stuff to see around the city (ex: roman ruins and other historical landmarks);
  • it’s close to the Danube Delta ( which is a UNESCO heritage site so you can visit that as well;
  • most young people speak english; if you know french you can probably get help from older people as well;
  • romanians get really excited when foreign tourists ask for their help and will go out of their way to assist you; there’s a strong chance you make some new friends; try asking some local college students if they would be willing to show you the sites or act a guide for a day or more - some will be glad they get a chance to exercise their foreign language skills and say yes.


  • very expensive taking into account the quality of the services being offered
  • probably going to encounter a lot of beggars or people how will try to scam you in some way (don’t give out money to anyone, they’ll stick to you like the plague afterwards)
  • loud and crowded during the summer
  • you will need to rent a car since the public transport will get really annoying fast + the taxi drivers will try to scam you if you don’t get a local guide to help you out :slight_smile: if you get a hotel room in mamaia, you can get to most places on foot;
  • I know this will sound very racist but don’t trust gypsies or anyone who looks kinda ragged. Some will have good intentions, sure, but most will not. Better to be safe than sorry. You might wake up to find your wallet missing or your phone.
  • don’t buy food from street vendors (people who walk around selling corn on the cob or apples or whatever), stick to things that look like a legitimate business.
  • don’t drink the tap water - the water purification system, in Constanta at least, uses a lot of chloride. Romanians are used to this but I had some friend from other countries that left with very upset stomachs because they did not listen to this warning.

I’ve never really been to a beach resort in Bulgaria but this is what people who have vacationed there told me:

  • Great quality/price ratio
  • Great service
  • Heard it’s very clean
  • Stuff to visit
  • Apparently cars get stolen a lot, or at least that’s what every single person I’ve ever mentioned vacationing in Bulgaria has told me.
  • Same gypsy problem
  • Not great english speakers ( this may just be because they don’t seem to like romanians and just pretend not to understand)
  • Great for relaxation, but not for partying
  • Need to stick to the areas intented for tourists as the rest is somewhat impoverished

Hope this helps!