Does my Chinese Z visa impact my other visas?

My work is applying for a z visa to China. I need to gather reference letters from all my past jobs to show continuous work history.

Will the z visa impact the new 10 year revolving visa that China just opened up? In general, how do work visas impact other types of visas like business/tourist etc… Is it easy to apply for a different visa after a work visa has expired. For example, will my z work visa impact qualifying for a different type of visa later in time.

I don’t think there is any impact. Each visa application stands on it’s own. With the 10 year visas the americans get, the duration of stay becomes more important. If your duration of stay is only 30 days, that means you have to to do a border run every 30 days, which would mean monthly hong kong/macau runs. That can be done if you live in Guangdong. But if you live somewhere farther up north and you need round trip plane tickets every month, then the costs can add up quickly. I’ve seen some people get 90 days duration of stay, try and ask the embassy/consulate/visa office how many days duration they will give you before you submit your passport. I currently only have 30 days duration, but I will see if I can get another visa with a longer duration of stay on my next trip to Hong Kong.

What about doing a visa run to Jinmen island?

Also, why did you only get 30 days? I thought the new 10 year visa allowed for 60 days.

You mean Kinmen? I guess that will work if you work if you live in Xiamen. There’s a 75 minute ferry.

I think it depends on the mood the consulate who gives you the visa. I got 30 days, but I’ve heard of people getting 90 days.

I got 60 days at the Montreal consulate. Quite alright considering I often have to go to Hong Kong anyway.