Does the 30 days extension on the Visa Exemption count against the 90 days in six months rule in Thailand?

My fiancée(who is British) is on her second 30 days visa exemption in Thailand. We’re considering getting the visa exemption extension for 30 days and staying longer.

Our only worry is: Does this mean we would hit 90 days in total? We need to return in March to fly home from Bangkok. We are worried we’d be refused entry in March as they might count the visa exemption extension against us.

Any advice is appreciated!


From my experience, they don’t really enforce the 90 days in six months rule. I have a 90 day visa exemption with my passport. I stayed 90 days in Thailand this year, then left for 4 days. When I flew back in Thailand they stamped my passport for another 90 days, no questions asked. I guess it’s ok if you do it once or twice, but maybe they will start asking questions if you keep doing it all the time.