Does the 90 day Schengen rule apply inside of Croatia?

Hi all, need some help with schengen fuzziness… I’m a US citizen.

Does any know if the 90 day rule applies inside of Croatia. I’m seeing that Croatia isn’t part of schengen but adopts the same visa aquis. This isn’t clear to me.

If someone has a definitive answer please let me know as I’m approaching the 90 day rule in my travel plans and I want to hit Croatia and not have it count.

Thanks in advance.

no, it doesn’t. croatia wants to join schengen so it’s implementing the same rules but they’re not a member so days there don’t count.

Thank you!

sure thing. have fun. croatia is lovely. just don’t plan to spend too much time in dubrovnik and make sure you explore the neighboring countries (which I personally prefer). :slight_smile:

Thanks. Planning around 10 days in Croatia… Dubrovnik and some coastal spots. How’s internet travelling around Croatia. I saw some reports of 5mb or so in Dubrovnik a year ago.

Then we’re off to explore Italy until mid October :smile:

2 days is plenty in dubrovnik unless you use it as a base to do day trips to mostar and kotor.

i found the internet fine, but it depends on where you are, what you need, and where you’re staying.

I’d second this. I went to Dubrovnik for three days, mainly because I wanted to do the Game of Thrones tour and found it a bit boring. After you’ve explored the old town and had a bit of a look around, there isn’t a helluva lot to do. You can go to the beaches or take boats around the islands but I’m not a beach person and I imagine if you are, the beaches would be just as nice and far less crowded in other parts of the country.

The Croatian terrestrial internet I’ve used has been 5-10Mbps but faster 4G is very cheap (~$10=3gb) and widespread. I guess it’s an example of lower-level physical infrastructure getting leapfrogged by newer technology.

1-2 days in Dubrovnik will be plenty. Istria is really nice; I’d try to make it up there if I were you. Piran ( just across the Slovenian border, so not an option if you’re at 90 days on your schengen clock), Pula, and Rovinj were all lovely and less crowded than Dubrovnik (but still fairly touristy–this is Croatia, after all).

Best internet connection would be T-HT (Croatian Telecom = T-mobile) and VIP.
TELE2 offers cheaper 4G and have cover nation wide since few months back.

Best coverage on Islands is probably T-HT and VIPnet, they have their own infrastructure so their customers have priority. Even 3G is decent, if you don’t have real need for 4G.

@dvc Slovenia is schengen, though, so if he has to be out of the schengen, he can’t pop up there. :slight_smile:

Good point! Updated my answer.

Croatia is a member of the EU, but not part of Schengen. So, both the border people of the country you are leaving and of Croatia might check your passport. If you are leaving a Schengen country after your 90 days are up, you are more likely to be caught by the exit country, who will arrest you for overstaying your visa. (They say it is a felony, but really only a fine. I’m a US citizen, and in my case, the fine was $250 and a lot of paperwork.) Then you are also on Croatia’s radar for the length of stay.
Unless you have an emergency and have to stay, cross the border before 90 days are up. If you have an emergency, go to the embassy before 90 days are up.
Don’t risk overstaying the visa limit, it’s not worth the hassle.