Does your freelance rate fluctuate per location?

I am a web developer and content writer. As of right now , I reside in Atlanta, Georgia . My plan is to move abroad soon. At this point , I am not sure where to set up my home base . Anyways , my real question is about rates. How do web developers decide the most suitable charging rate ? Let’s say a client is in need of a full website and e-commerce platform. That client resides in Paris , but another client in a low income country wants the same service. Does your charging rate depend on the client’s location ? That was a hypothetical situation. I am a new to this stuff! I do not have any clients yet .

I’m not a web developer, but the only reasons I have to lower my rates are: If I really need the money, or if I think it’s worth it (high volume of work, or exceptions for regular clients that I trust in). Of course it’s important to stay competitive, but I have my rate and I never consider my clients’ economic situation when charging them, I only consider mine haha.
You should be charging both clients the same rate, unless you really need both jobs.

no. my rate is my rate. they can afford it or not. i might make exceptions for certain cases but it would be rare and it wouldn’t be based on their location.


Yes, it does to a certain extent.