Entering Nicaragua with a one way ticket

Does anyone have experiencing entering Nicaragua by plane with a one way ticket ? Specifically, I intend to book a ticket via Spirit. I am aware it is mostly airlines that check for onward travel. Does anyone have experience with this ? Flyonward seems to have been getting bad reviews lately. Would a bus ticket to a neighbouring country be enough to convince Spirit ?

Enter with Flyonward ticket very recommended, been using it twice here in Mexico and it saved me (they asked me tickets both time) Not worth risking for 10-15 dollars fee you can get fake ticket and pass trough.

Where in NICA are you headed?

Thanks 0frontiers, I didn’t want to risk flyonward as they seem to have gone awol lately. I’m headed to San Juan Del Sur

To answer my own question for posterity after having gone through this: Yes, spirit does require a return ticket. Fortunately, they also have a 24 hour full refund cancellation policy so I was able to book a ticket at the airport and cancel it online once I arrived in Nicaragua.