Experience with "Adobe Connect" in Bali/Ubud or Canggu?

Hello, is there anybody around with experience with “Adobe Connect” meetings?

We are thinking to move to Bali - Canggu or Ubud, however our business demands working with this Adobe platform. Our concern is if latency is good enough and connection stable to do the teaching job from Bali to European located Adobe Connect servers.

Thanks so much fore any hint on this.

You can test the connection quality with Adobe Connect from your location to different servers worldwide from this page - for Europe there is a UK-based server listed to test:

Thanks again!

No experience with adobe connect, but I ran the test from the UK server, these are the results

it says LAN speed and:
BW Test Results: up=2382.9 kbit/s, latency=28 msec, down=605.2 kbit/s

This is from Canggu btw.