Experience with e-Tourist Visas in India anyone?

Hi all,

did anyone (with a EU Passport) ever got a e-Tourist Visa for India? Visa regulations in India change quite often, so I am wondering, if it is actually possible to get the e-Tourist Visa (eTV) that is issued on arrival.



Thanks a lot for copy/paste from wikipedia, I couldn’t have done it better :slightly_smiling:

The question is if people actually have experience with this kind of Visa?

Indian Visa regulations did change often in the past and even the authorities do not always know the newest developments.

Why would they even issue you the e-visa if it was not possible. At some point, you just have to make the jump.

I am EU citizen (Irish). I have gone through both the longer 6 month visa, and did a visa run to sri lanka and back into India on the eVisa. The eVisa is not issued on arrival. You need to apply for it (at least) 2 days before you enter india. Make a note of the code etc but their system knew me. The form online is lenghty, but wasn’t hard. Indian overstays are a nightmare, so make sure you calc your days right… I overstayed by 4 hours and had to pay $80 to be allowed exit the country, with 1.5 hrs of admin in the airport, barely made my flight out. My fault of course!

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Thanks for the info! Happy to hear that the e-tourist Visa is actually working. It seems like a good alternative if you do not plan to stay longer then a month. The regular visa needs more planning - you need to go to the embassy or the agency that is in charge for issuing the visas in a specific city in your country of residence (depending on where you live, it can be quite far) and you need to come back some days later to pick it up. If you do it via postal mail it will also take you around 2 weeks I think.

Getting a Visa for India in another country, then your country of residence (also visa run to Nepal or other for example) can be difficult and sometimes even impossible - as I said, the (informal) regulations do change quite often. Some years ago there was also a lot confusion regarding the single, double and multiple entry visa - We had a lot of different info from the embassy and the authorities at the time.

It may have been complex in the past, but honestly felt like a standard tourist visa setup when I did it in the last year. I was living in the US and applied for 6 month visa while there, took about 6 biz days from when i posted it until i got it all back. The e-Visa is even easier, an hr of work to fill the lenghty forms, upload a passport photo and recieved the visa confrimation by email in less than 2 days… when even my gobshite (but lovely) brother was able to sort the eVisa to visit me in Goa I think its pretty seamless. :wink: Actually one thing, you need a proper street address on it, they are sticklers (as most countries are) for that and I saw a lady have a big issue in chennai for not having a proper address.

I went to India in October with the eVisa.

As jdmcwalter said, all you need is to fill the online form a few days before, pay the fee and print the paper.

When arriving at immigration in India, I had to go to a different desk first, where they validated my eVisa.

It was a pretty smooth process.