Favorite towns in Mexico (and near it)?

Hey guys!

We love Mexico. We’re excited to find outstanding towns to live in for 2-12 months at a time. We’re also open to Central American gems.

We especially appreciate learning about those smaller towns that are lesser known but amazing. Personal favorites!

Here are some of our interests:

  • a paradise vibe: ocean, lush greenery, vibrant arts, and/or old town charm
  • at least 3 Mbps download speed
  • great cost of living
  • considerable expat and retiree crowd
  • not too much of an urban city — though a smaller town outside a city can work
  • a bit touristy is okay

Here are lesser-discussed towns that caught our eye — we’d love impressions of these and more that come to mind:

  • Huatulco
  • Ixtapa
  • Guanajuato
  • And more?

Thanks so much, guys!

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I lived in Ajijic 8 months. I just left a few weeks ago. I loved it there. The absence of young expats was nice. The retired expats have their own vibe and everyone is friendly. Plus, it’s 30 minutes from Guadalajara intl airport on the biggest lake in Mexico at 5,000 feet elevation, surrounded by mountains. I may end up settling there. The food isn’t great though. I had expectations of good Mexican food being in Mexico but it was a bunch of western food, not much of it healthy, more just standard American diet type food. Lots of Italian restaurants. Internet is fine.


I tried coworking in Merida, not the typical type of place for coworking but is worth trying , it is safe, clean and very cultural. The centre gets many tourists and after two weeks I had tried most top restaurants but I loved it.

Expat crowd is very active with French & German meet-ups. Easy to explore nearby cities which are lovely.

It was amazing, mostly beacause I stayed in a an airbnb with pool and two rooms for myself for 50 euro/ night.

PS. I am Mexican.

We’ve been in Guanajuato since January and love it. The city offers the old town charm and arts that you guys are looking for. Download speeds are 3-4 Mbps, but rarely faster and I’ve yet to see a coworking space in time (Cafe Tal is sufficient).

We are a family of 4 (baby and toddler) and spend about $1500/m - key to keeping costs down is to find a place once you’ve arrived. You’ll pay $750-1000/m for a 2 bedroom when booked online, verses the $250-400 you’ll pay in person.

The expat crowd here is retirees and a few younger travelers. Most seem to be in their 50s or 60s, liberal, and here for the weather and arts. (Cervantino is a huge festival in Oct) GTO is a college town, so the local population is quite young and well educated. Safety has never been a concern, day or night, and the tourist crowds are really concentrated down in the centro squares. Many of the tourists are other Mexicans, nothing close to the crowds you’ll get in SMA.

Thanks for these great answers, guys! We appreciate them — and any other Mexico suggestions!

Hi there! I’ve been living in Puerto Vallarta for 9 years now! Beautiful beach city with awesome beach/surfy villages like Punta Mita, Sayulita, and San Pancho less than an hour to the North. Downtown Vallarta has Telmex’s Fiber Internet now and Vallarta CoWork has two 100mb lines - so there’s definitely access to great internet.