Feedback on UK mail handling services

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of changing my current setup for mail/post receiving and scanning (at the moment I have some friends doing it for me), and I was wondering if anyone has any specific feedback/advice regarding UK companies. I’m currently looking at UKPostBox.

Any personal insight would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Sara,
I’ve been using UKPostBox for a couple of years.

It works well, I never had serious issues.
But it turned out to be much more expensive than I thought.
Mainly because my stupid bank keeps sending me documents, and I have the pay-as-you-go contract, so I pay a bit more than £1 for each of those mails (I pay a bit just to receive them, and then another bit more to ask them to open them and scan them).

The only thing missing form their service is that they don’t offer collection of parcels in person.

A friend of mine wanted to send me a massive book. I was travelling in London at the time, but I couldn’t ask him to ship it to my UKPostBox address, because I wouldn’t be able to collect it.

If I have to collect something physical I have to ask them to re-ship it to another address. I usually use my parents home in Italy for that. But as you can imagine, it gets complicated…

You should also be aware of a couple of gotchas with UK digital mail services.

1 ) It’s tricky to set them up the first time, if you are not resident at the moment.

You’ll be asked, if I remember correctly, of TWO proofs of address of a place your are supposed to be living. This is to comply with some security regulation.

I think there may be some tricky workarounds for that, but not easy.

  1. Even if the virtual address looks like a real one, you won’t be able to use it for every service

I had no issues with using that address for my bank account, but I did have issues with HMRC. I tried to open VAT using that address as my main address, and my request was rejected. This is because all of these digital mailing services, to be legal, have to register with the government, which in turn is able to know if an address is real or not. And for some services, like registering for VAT, you need a real address.

That’s it.
Good luck

Ciao Val, and thank you!

It’s for the reason you mention that I was thinking of getting the monthly rate instead of pay as you go… always lots of junk!

I also don’t need to use their address, I am resident and don’t want to change my address so I would redirect to them via royal mail.

How do you then get hold of your mail physically? Do you collect it/send it every so often? Or do you just destroy it?

BTW for parcel deliveries, i found very useful the service you can use at Asda or similar supermarket of the delivery lockers… (also works for returns for Amazon etc).


Hey there :slight_smile:

I almost never get it physically, except for few exception, and then I forward them.
Thanks for tip about parcel deliveries! Yup I ended up using a similar service, Doddle.


I know 5 or 6 clients who use them they are 100% professional and I have never heard anything bad so far. Based on the fact the clients I know are all in very diverse fields (one imports fabric, another sells images, another is in publishing and two more sell jewellery) with vastly differing volumes of mail and needs I could say without doubt they are a safe bet but if it works for all these it would work for anyone.

thanks everybody!