Formentera, Spain vs. Santorini, Greece?

I’m ready to start traveling again (looking at May through August, about). I have a little more money to spend and would like an island experience in Southern Europe. I’m a little older and looking for a little more comfort these days. I would plan to rent a 1 bedroom apartment if possible. Places that come to mind are Formentera or Santorini. I’d like to stay for 2 or 3 months. Does anyone have any experiences to share with these two locales. One concern I have about Greece is safety given the economic crisis. Any insight into there would be appreciated.


Hello. I am fifty years old and have been in Greece for 8 weeks (Athens, Crete, Halkida). The people are great and I have no concerns about safety because of the economy. Although I did get my phone stolen out of my hand while walking late at night in Athens. But perhaps I was flashing it around too much.

I haven’t made it to Santorini, but can imagine it is quite nice. It is one of the more popular islands and with tourism I would think safety there is no problem.

Good luck

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Don’t be afraid of your safety in Greece, just stick to the basic cautious behavior. I’m in Greece for 2 months already and I haven’t got any problem. In fact people here are really friendly.

Both islans are incredibly beautiful but quite different. While in Formentera you can find clear blue/turquoise water and white sand beaches making you think that you are on a Caribbean island, it doesn’t have much else to offer in terms of restaurants, bars and places to hang out. It’s a rather quiet island. We never had any safety issues there, tourists and locals are quite laidback.
As for Santorini, I found it more varied in terms of beaches, villages, restaurants, people and places to visit or do. The landscape can change dramatically, it has more culture and you are more likely to meet interesting people. Just because it is bigger and becaise there are more people living there you are more exposed than Formentera, otherwise it’s a pretty safe island.

I live close to Formentera, in Javea where I run a coliving space called Sun and Co (

As far as I know, Formentera is quite naturally reserved, so not a lot options to live, what means it’ll be more expensive than any other island.

It’s beautiful, though.

Maybe you can find more info here:

Good luck!

Thanks, that’s good to hear. Would you share how much you are paying for housing?