Freight-forwarding company in the US that also does storage space rental?

I currently use Shipito and I’m pretty happy with their service. I have all my mail sent to my Shipito locker in Oregon and when I want it they’ll consolidate everything into one box and ship it out to me where ever I may be for a good price. I’ve even used it to get stuff I order from Amazon whilst abroad.

The problem is that they don’t offer item storage. There are some things that I want to store in my locker indefinitely / just in case I need them sent out to me.


Winter equipment / clothes. I want to store this stuff at the freight-fowarding company and have them sent out to me when I need it. When I don’t need it anymore, I’ll send it back for storage to the freight-forwarding company. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Any recommendations for companies available in the US, preferably with lots of warehouses, especially ones in Oregon or Nevada?

If Shipito is so, good, then why do they have such crappy reviews and no rating from the Better Business Bureau? I also Googled for their insurace, and this is what I got, from their most loyal customers, commenting on Shipito’s very own forum, hosted on their domain.

You may want to try a company called Stackry for BBB ratings and SiteJabber reviews.


Been using them for four years now. In the beginning their UX was kind of a mess and not user-friendly at all, but now it seems ok. I’ve never had any major issues with them.