From "selfish nomadism" to "supportive nomadism" — Greece, anyone?

I’m still trying to decide where to go between October and Christmas this year. Too many criteria to handle and at this point no absolute priority is emerging… first world problems. :wink: So I turned the “problem” around, instead of thinking selfishly “what can this or that place do for me?” I am now thinking “what can I do for this or that place”? And so… Greece. I visited Athens & the Peloponnese on holidays last year and found some beautiful spots where I could definitely spend a couple of months, and am now thinking: what if there’s a few of us who rent a big house with Internet (preferably by the sea, that priority is pretty much always top of the list for me though I’m flexible) and turn “selfish nomadism” into “supportive nomadism”? I only have a contact in Nafplio for housing, so if you are interested in helping create this and have ideas/suggestions/contacts let me know in a comment! There may be a few practical difficulties, with the current cash shortage… I haven’t studied this in details but here’s a thought, anyway!

Good thinking.

We’re basically exploiting these places while we dash the hopes of these locals that we’re not gringos with money to throw around at them otherwise we wouldn’t be going out to live there. I’ll keep an eye on this thread just for the “I’m not a dick” factor :wink:

Hehe, thanks for your input Munly! Seems I’ve guilt-tripped everyone now, as nobody’s answering! :slight_smile:

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gotta say, the language you guys use is pretty offensive. unless you’re an asshole, you’re not being selfish or exploiting anyone with your lifestyle, and insinuating that nomads as a whole are both selfish and exploitative is pretty ridiculous. just my $.02

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Yeah, I fail to understand how leaving behind a life of hoarding and consumerism makes one selfish…

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Guys, seriously, noone said you are selfish or exploitative or assholes. I’m only talking about not picking a place to live for selfish reasons, only because we can make a small difference at our level. It’s just about doing things differently, in the same way some tourists go volunteer in Africa while some enjoy sex tourism in Thailand. It’s about choice, and we have a lot of choices, so why not put all this freedom to help a good cause. That is all.

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I am a bit behind the times, but I like the idea. What happened?

I am also an avid advocate of high taxes (and dodgy alliteration), everyone is now fair warned. :wink:

When I read “supportive nomadism in Greece” I thought you wanted to actually do something for the locals, like helping out with the refugee crisis for example.

I don t really understand how renting a “big house with Internet” in Greece is turning “selfish nomadism” into “supportive nomadism” for a good cause?

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@TheM I wrote this post before any refugee arrived in Greece (july '15) and was referring to the Greek economical crisis that was hitting the country very hard at the time.

@ajsnewman : Nothing happened in the end, I’m working on a more permanent, sedentary “supportive vs. selfish” project.

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In any case, labels aside, the idea is great. I was thinking to start something similar in Portugal. Co-living (with other nomads, or in a nomad friendly house is appealing to me. A San Fran based group is doing it out there and in Medellin.
It’s the wave of the future.

Personally, I’m kind of over backpackers and my own room while travelling can be lonely. Plus it’s cheaper to live as many than as 1.

What kind of interest is there out there for this type of scenario?

I’m told there are many abandoned villages in Greece where the locals are losing hope for the future, so to have an influx of tech-savvy folks giving them rental income and generally bringing new energy would be welcome. However, you’ll need to check on the wifi infrastructure.

Could you give us the name of such villages or an area?

See the other post where I replied to you about revitalizing Greek villages - there is an e-mail for Agata Bez and the Merkai people - she has an e-mail list.