Gamer setup for travel?

Hi guys! Who plays video games?

What system do you use? How does it work for you?

I work on a MacBook Pro, and of course Mac isn’t great for gaming. I’m thinking of traveling with a (relatively) small eGPU to crank up the graphics. There might be decent PC laptops, but I want with macOS.

I have a MacBook Pro 15" and if you boot into Bootcamp with Windows, you can run most games at least on low settings.

I played GTA V on it for a long time, played lots of Minecraft with friends last year, and now playing Open Arena also with friends (a free version of Quake 3, which is from 1999, so it’s super low spec requirements but super fun).

I’d not go with the eGPU, it’s super bulky and you need an external display for it. Maybe easier to just get a Razer Blade gaming laptop:

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Definitely go for a Nvidia max-q laptop, search on the forums you may be able to install a hackintosh on some of them (I think it’s possible on the Razer blade). I have one and I’m very satisfied with it, especially considering the weight (1.9kg). My config is: MSI GS65, i7-8750H, 64gb of RAM, 2TB nvme, RTX 2080 Max-Q and LM repaste from HIDEvolution. The downsides are: Inferior build quality compared to a MBP and low battery life (It’s advertised for 8 hours but I get 2 to 3 hours max watching movies on Windows with battery saver on, maybe my battery is defective or I upgraded my components too much, I can’t tell).

Apart from that I’m happy to walk away from the Apple ecosystem again after 5 years owning a MBP. Now I have a Windows/Manjaro Deepin dualboot and I’m very satisfied with it.

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In 2015-2018 I used maxed MacBook Pro 13" and I was happy to play many titles from the X360 and PS3 era. Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel were my favourite games at that time and Mac ports were made well enough to play on medium-high settings.

Now I own maxed MacBook 12" 2018 and mostly play indie games like Celeste, Super Time Force Ultra, Skulls of the Shogun. The cool thing about most indie games is that they don’t require advanced hardware while offering loads of fun. Mac ports are quite popular too, so no Bootcamp required.

For decades I was mostly console gamer, therefore I prefer playing on a gamepad. Also, my general nomad work setup is Magic Keyboard + Magic Trackpad + Tiny Tower laptop stand. So even if I play just once a week I carry Dual Shock 4 with me for gameful quality time :smiley:


Ahh I’ve been thinking about this myself! I have it down to two main options:

  1. Nintendo Switch: possibly the best option for travel gaming. Portable, you can play it on the plan, if you get a dongle you can plug it into the TV. This is an excellent option. Mario Kart is awesome. The downside is it may not have the games you wish to play.

  2. Nvidia Shield. Also doesn’t take up much space in your bag and you can stream games on the Nvidia game streaming platform. I can play GTA V, Witcher 3, all sorts of good stuff. This is the only device in the world where you can play Nvidia cloud gaming without a VPN internationally. Note: I play in HK, which is really far from the US servers, and the lag is just good enough to be playable, but it’s not great. I will test in Europe in a few weeks!

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Thanks for all the awesome responses! I appreciate every point.

hey Azurio,

I’m in the same situation.
I’m waiting for Cloud Gaming to be a thing. Soon, Stadia (Google) and xCloud (Microsoft) will be in open beta. I’ll definitely give a try! (but you heavily rely on the network…)