Gaming Cheat Software Offshore Incorporation

Greetings Nomads,

I recently closed a US company that was used to sell cheats or hacks for popular games due to imminent litigation.

I have just recently embarked on a similar venture, but working as a contractor. Myself, and my lead developer have just found ourselves in the position of not being paid and will need to re-establish ourselves.

Due to my experience in marketing, distribution and management I know running a company myself would still be a successful venture, I just do not want to run it out of the US.

Due to the nature and risk of litigation from large gaming companies I believe moving offshore will be the path I should take. I spoke with my attorneys, who basically made it sound like it would be impossible to set up without physically living somewhere, based on my past experience with these guys, and paying tens of thousands of dollars to protect myself just for them to say “it’s best to shut down” the moment we were contacted by a gaming company, I am going to assume it’s their lack of experience.

My questions are:

  1. As a service likely in the same realm as Adult Services or Gambling, with myself residing in the US and my Lead dev residing in Europe, what country would be a good option to set up with fair tax that cant easily be pressured by US or European game producers?

  2. In said country should I find and contact legal council there instead of using US attournies to fumble through this charging me exponentially more to just relay info and elongate the process?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Hey, shoot me a pm ! (On slack is easiest)