Good European tax advisor for British nomads?

Hey I’m reaching out for some help,

I know there is a similar thread but that is really focused on a US expat perspective, however ideally i’m looking for a EU based firm/ individual to help advisor me on tax and company structures . I am a UK citizen, that travels extensively around Europe. I have customers from all over the world mainly UK and US at the moment. Im looking for someone that specializes in European tax law.

I want to be sure and consult some professional help first.

Topic to discuss are:

  • where to incorporate to lower taxes with consideration to having good banking and payment processors options- Ideally this needs to be somewhere within the EU as some of my current payment merchants require EU registration.
  • advanced tax ruling options
  • best method to pay myself
    -best method to pay staff *(international)
    -Best way to structure the business
    -A few others …

Ideally I’m looking for recommendation from nomads ? Any suggestions?

If anyone is qualified and would like to schedule a skype call i’m happy to pay them for the initial consultation or any open general direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tim


Try this guy

@ORCA Thanks , i’ll check him out!

This guy:


I was skeptical to give money for consulting online and I spoke with some other “consultants” who didn’t help me much. Julius answered all the questions I had and he’s helping me start a company now. He sent me a PDF recap of our talk with all the information and resources (was very useful!) Basically, the consult lasts until you have questions which is great. :slight_smile:

You can read more about his background experience on his blog.

@vfonic Thanks for that very helpful :sunglasses:

Have you actually used Peter Macfarlane & Associates? When I google searched them online I found a couple of references that were not encouraging…

Not personally but several clients have found them OK. I am sure there will be things negative about any firm but they have been around a long time so should be fine.

Thanks! It’s proving very difficult even to find someone to have an initial consultation with - let alone work out the appropriate strategy!

This is a good firm that helps all my EU clients moving to the UK and they also advise on British citizens living abroad, creating companies, tax structures, etc

Sorry been working pretty intensely on a project!

I actually tried to contact them a number of times , both by phone and email , but they never returned either.

Thats really the only feedback I can give on them, sorry. :slight_smile:

Hi @Lori_Miller tell me about it! I can’t believe there isn’t more stuff out there. Maybe if you are still struggling you can pm me and I ll tell you where my research has led me. :slight_smile:

I went for a session with Julius too, and on the whole it was a positive experience. Thanks for the tip. Didn’t tell me all the answers BUT certainly helped pointing me in the right direction and introduced me to a number of useful parties. So on the whole yeah, thumbs up from me.