Good places in Bangkok where phone use is allowed - Coworking places phone use rules?

Hello everyone,
i am currently in Bangkok and looking for a coworking place where taking some calls would not be a problem. I understand that i.e. programmers need silence to work, so what is the solution?

For my work i have to make calls, but i will try to keep my voice down. :slight_smile: What is the policy at the coworking spaces, how do others manage?


A lot of places have a separate area for phone use. If you check websites for coworking spaces, they should have details.

Hey Djar.

This is a list I prepared.

I hope this helps although Iā€™m not too sure about the phone policy. Usually, coworking spaces have Skype booths.

Wolf is very quiet at the moment so if you sign up now you might have an entire floor to yourself haha