Has anybody tried the Surface Pro?

Hi All,

I am a freelance graphic designer. My biggest hassle with traveling is carrying around my Mac. I always carry a tablet (for reading) and a computer for work. The Surface Pro combines these and has the power to run my Adobe design programs. The extra space it would enable would be great.

There are a few things that worry me. The small screen, getting use to Windows and not Mac, the large price tag and just knowing if it will really be powerful enough to run my Adobe programs.

Has anyone had experience using the Surface pro? Could you recommend anything that might be better.

Any advice would be appreciated

I purchased a Surface Pro 3 a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier. My unit has a 256G SSD, 8G of memory and an Intel Core i7 processor. It’s lightning fast (boots up in 10-15 seconds). At under 2 lbs., it makes a standard laptop feel heavy and cumbersome. I do some music production with Abelton Live 9 and run Adobe Suite CSS 5 with no difficulties. You can store all of your work files on OneDrive. I subscribed to Office 365 that includes a TB of OneDrive storage. It’s perfect for traveling, fits well in my small backpack. I recommend that you pick up the Microsoft keyboard cover. It almost seats itself. The magnetic power connection is well designed. If you happen to trip on your power cable, it pops out with no chance of damage. Overall, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Go for it!

Not a Surface… But on a Lenova Yoga Pro… Love it!

8gb ram, i7 processor and SSD and under 3lbs?!?!

I do video, graphics, audio, creative cloud without troubles