Has anyone created a list of co-living spaces around the world?

I’m a big believer in co-living but I’m finding hard to find all the options available in different cities.

I have found the major players like Roam, The Collective, and WeLive but haven’t found many others.

Has anyone seen a list or should I start making one?


I put together this list a while back:


Hi, we have a co-living space in Phuket named STASH.

It is pretty simple now like just a coworking with accommodation, there are more you can find on coliving .com

We have a goal to grow to a network of small high tech villages around the world which will also have food, educational space for nomad kids (the community is aging), spa, entertainment & etc. These places suppose to provide similar minimal necessary settings for us, DNs but each with its uniqueness.


That’s a good idea. I’m planning to travel Thailand this summer and it would be great to spend time at STASH

There is a site called ColivingCircle that I stumbled upon recently. Helped me find the coliving space I’m living in right now.