Has anyone done the Non O Ed Visa in Hand to Hand Combat in Chiang Mai?

We’re headed to Chiang Mai in July looking at our options for visas and came across this: http://www.cmlocals.com/1-year-ed-visa-hand-to-hand-combat/

Has anyone done it?

It looks amazing and beneficial for many reasons, but I’m a little skeptical without being able to read external reviews or hear of experiences from people who’ve successfully done it.

Thoughts and other options are appreciated!

p.s. right now we have a one-way ticket and are wanting to keep our options open to stay longer if we love it (which we’re anticipating)

look up the group Chiang Mai digital nomads on facebook if you haven’t already. I am thinking about it myself.

One person I’ve talked to said it’s basically Muay Thai and a good chunk of the classes are just basic drills which arent so bad if its just exercise. They probably have to draw a balance between those who are genuinely interested in martial arts i.e. me vs those who just want to do the bare minimum for visa purposes. Others have told me you dont even have to go or go that often.

I’m def interested in the bodyguarding aspects too

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Awesome - thanks!

We’ve got some other feedback from people who’re doing it and decided to go for it. Definitely interested in the learning and benefits of the actual class too. :slight_smile:

I heard it was possible to get en ED Visa for Muay Thai, but don’t know anyone that’s actually done it. IMHO the Ed-Visa isn’t worth the hassle, EVEN if you want to learn Thai for example. The fees involved add up to more than tourist visas, airfare to whatever country you like every 90 days, and school fees. And you’re locked into that school. So if you’re unhappy you’re stuck for the year.

The multiple entry tourist visa is a very good choice IMHO as you still have freedom to travel (with ED Visa you have to pay every time you want to, but then again you don’t have to leave every 90 days) and you can change schools, tutors, programs as you want. Everyone’s experience is different.

It does not resemble anything like Muay Thai, it is closer to Aikido but I would not take it to learn martial arts because lessons were quite crowded when I was attending and different age groups of people whose main motivation is VISA.