Has anyone from EU bought tickets at Ticketmaster.com and Fandango.com for USA

Hey everyone,

I got into situation when nothing really helped me, and now searching for alternatives.

Two web site where I was trying to buy tickets for Tribeca film festival and just cinema do not let me to buy tickets and the websites are quite big -


My question is , does anyone know alternative where I could buy tickets for example Madisson Square show and AMC Cinema screening. Eventbite worked fine for example with European card.



Hi Georgius,

I used StubHub to get tickets for basketball matches back in February. Worked well using a French Paypal account.

I haven’t tried directly with my French card though.


Hey Thomas,

thanks for quick reply, I am actually trying to find options where Paypal is possibility,

but for example Fandago does not allow anyone outside USA to buy tickets, they sent me to AMC cinemas, but their website seems to rejecting European IP, so I will try StubHub in a moment.

Thank you for advice.