Has anyone spent time in Mongolia?

Has anyone spent time in Mongolia? I wanted to stop through there for a short stay. More curious about accessability to uber, sim data, some basic things I would use to get around and for work.

I was there for a few days last year. It’s a beautiful country, but not super friendly for the digital nomad. It reminds me of China about 10 years ago. I’d be surprised if there was Uber there, but Taxi’s are pretty plentiful and cheap in Ulaan Batar. If you’re going outside the capital then I would rent a motorcycle or car to get around. Enjoy the food! :smile:

I spent 6+ weeks there a couple of years ago. Outside of Ulaanbaatar, there really isn’t much for connectivity. In the capital, connectivity in guesthouses is fine, though slow. Expect outages. I didn’t stay in hotels and it looks like Airbnb has kicked off since then, so perhaps you can find something.

Sim data is available, coverage is not great outside of Ulaanbaatar and some provincial capitals, though that has bound to have been improved. Connectivity is slow, ok for simple email etc, but you’re not likely to be working with large files and tethering isn’t really realistic.

As far as I know, Uber is not in Ulaanbaatar, but as markmoran said, taxis are cheap…if somewhat difficult to find.