Has anyone tried RoamFree Ninja?

I just discovered RoamFree Ninja for connecting to the internet in Croatia. Has anyone tried it? Sounds good, but expensive. https://roamfree.ninja

It doesn’t make much sense to have it. You can have 3GB of data in Croatia for 50 kuna (~7€). RoamFree Ninja offers at best 8€/day. Do you need more than 3GB of data per day? If not, then 7€ sim card is a cheaper option for you and you can buy it at almost any newspaper kiosk. Plus you don’t have a hassle of ordering and returning of device.

Hmm… is that with Vip? I usually have two Vip sticks (or rather one usb stick and one chip in my phone or tablet) which gives me 2GB per day if I activate both. I try to only activate one at a time, and sometimes I don’t use the full GB each day (pity, because that means it’s wasted.) But I do magazine design, among other things, and when I’m on a deadline I can easily use more than 3GB per day moving big files around. That’s why I’m interested. Also, I work out in the country on an island, without wifi nearby.

It’s with Tele2. VIP has similar offer (a little bit more expensive, but they have better coverage).

On an unrelated note, you shouldn’t feel like you’re wasting GB if you don’t use full 2GB. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanx for the info. Also, for travel bloggers with a decent-sized audience, RoamFree Ninja offers a device for review and membership in their affiliate program. This doesn’t apply to me, just posting it here in case anyone’s interested. Regarding “wasted” bandwidth, I wish the bandwidth I buy but don’t use one day could be rolled over and used another day, because some days I need more than others.

I still don’t see much benefit from this device/startup.

If you buy a sim card, your GBs do move from one day to another.

What are the benefits of the members program? Just because they offer one, doesn’t mean it’s worth joining.

I have no idea about the RoamFree Ninja members program: it doesn’t apply to me, I was just passing the info along in case there are any travel bloggers on here. As far as this sim card you mention, it’s Tele2 and the GB’s roll over? Hmm, interesting. Sim card with nanochip for phone or tablet, you mean? I’ll see what vip offers that’s similar. I’d love to be able to ONLY use what I need per day.

Aha, I found vip’s offer: http://www.vipnet.hr/tourist-offer/en

And here’s Tele2’s offer:

It’s cheaper than VIP’s, but their coverage and customer support is worse than VIP’s. (I see now that they wrote on their page that they have the best data coverage in Croatia, hmmm…)