Has anyone used MindMyHouse?

A few days ago I came across this: https://www.mindmyhouse.com/homepage, it’s a website for connecting house owners and caretakers. Even though they seem to exist for a long time, I haven’t heard of them before. The website seems a bit outdated too.

Has anyone tried this? What was the experience like?

if you do a search, or just scroll down and look, for house sitting, you’ll see it discussed. I used to be a member. never got a single job from it. there are better options.

Yes, I’ve used it. I got about 3 house sitting gigs from it (all were for minding pets). It doesn’t have as many listings as some of the other house sitting websites, but it was reasonable to join (about 20 USD for the year, I think) and seems to have less competition that some of the ‘bigger’ sites (eg Trusted Housesitters). I have been almost fully booked with house sits from various websites for over a year and have bookings all the way through to next January - but bear in mind that I am somewhat flexible with locations, I check the sites numerous times a day/night and apply for suitable suits within minutes of them being advertised, and of course have good experience/references. I love house sitting!

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Any other tips you could provide? I really want to get into this seeing as I am a nomad, flexible with my location over the next year or two and ABSOLUTELY ADORE DOGS.

Should I make a video? Provide character references? I am responsible and a real animal (and plant) lover but wondering how to ‘break out’ into doing this. Thanks for any guidance!!

Hi there Lucha54
House sitting can be a lovely way to travel and still have pets in your life. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves animals and is happy to give some of their day to their care.
I highly recommend you get some references - such as previous/current employers, people you’ve rented a home from, and general character references. Also, if you have friends/family whose pets you’ve cared for then maybe they can provide a reference too. If you don’t have any recent experience, and depending on where you live, you can get a bit of experience and some references by doing some dog walking/care (eg for a local shelter/rescue place or a service like Borrow my doggy). All this helps with getting your first few sits and then after that, your chances increase. Some websites suggest doing a video (we haven’t) but a well-worded profile, some photos of you with pets, and references are all very helpful. Some owners may prefer people who’ve had police checks too, but we’ve not needed them.
There are many websites that give more tips about how to get in to house sitting, write a good profile or resolve problems if you face any while caring for the pet/home. Some of the house sitting websites offer a few tips/FAQs, there are bloggers who’ve written about it (google it) or you can join a Facebook forum such as House Sitting World to read about tips people have posted. I’ve just covered a few basics here but hopefully that will help.
Good luck!

I’ve had a number of sits from Mind My House over the years. The drawback is that it is a smaller site with fewer sits, the advantage is that it is significantly cheaper than Trusted Housesitters. If you want to line up lots of sits, go with Trusted Housesitters. If you’re happy with the occasional sit, Mind My House should be fine - well, unless the competition from Trusted Housesitters has wiped it out.

The sits themselves tend to be the same wherever you go - some are great, some are not so great. I can usually judge whether I’m going to get on with them (whoever they are) by the way they’ve written their advert.