Has anyone worked from Sihanoukville, Cambodia?

Hey everyone,

Has anyone visited Sihanoukville recently? I would like to visit and give it a try for working but I am a little unsure about the following:

  • Internet reliability (power cuts and speed)
  • 4G connection as backup
  • specific areas to live

In anyone can offer any info, suggestions on specific areas or recommended accommodation that would be great. I visited around 8 years ago so I am assuming the place has changed quite a bit since then.


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I’m also very interested in answers to original post. Especially around 3G/4G and wifi connectivity. Is internet reliable and good enough for video calls? I don’t mind getting SIM cards as long as I can work / do business calls without interruptions.


I was there over a year ago. 3G pretty bad from memory. Normal wifi bad. Otres beach was much better for normal wifi.

I worked from Sihanoukville this year and if you like to get in shape and eat well, I strongly recommend this place: http://fitness-sihanoukville.com/digital-nomad-live-work-package.html

Reliable internet, personal trainer, breakfast and dinners every day, super clean place owned by a family.

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Thanks for that @al.digit.al , I will check that out if I do visit, I tend to work around 40 hours per week so I was a little unsure if it would be worth going for a full package, I will probably head over in Janurary time so I will take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks @robcubbon I heard they now have 4G in Sihanoukville so I will probably give it a try in the new year, I will more than likely be heading to the Otres area.

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Hi Kierenb123!! I was wondering if you finally went to Sihanoukville? We are looking for places to go in the next days but I’m worried about the internet connection… If you could share your experience it would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!!