Have you ever been called to U.S. jury duty while traveling?

My husband and I have residency in the state of Tennessee in the USA and my in-laws collect our mail for us there. We only pass through Tennessee about once a year.

Does anyone know what happens if we’re called to jury duty? Is traveling a legit excuse to get out of it?

I was called and didn’t go and nothing happened. I think if you can prove you’re out of the country it’s fine.

I think the answer depends on where you are–some places are much more strict than others. In California, which is known for being fairly strict in the county I lived in, I had this happen and I had to send them documentation via email that I was out of the country and they let me off and said I would not be called again for one year.

I just told them I was in Thailand, and it would be kind of a long walk for that. And they excused me.

I just received my first summons after being on the road for 4 years. The summons was received at my mail forwarding address.

Should I return the summons and claim disqualification on the grounds that I am not a resident in the county of my mail forwarding service?

ignore it.

I have been summoned every year for like 5 years in a row. In the beginning I would take off work, call the # and then they told me I didn’t have to come in. Last year I totally forgot, and missed the day, and didn’t hear anything about it. This year I just landed in Mexico 5 days ago and I got summoned. I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna reply with “Out of the Country F-Off!”. Registering to vote years ago was a huge mistake!!! My residency is in Arizona. Max fine is $1000 supposedly if they pursue it that is.

I filed “Out of Country” and they denied it?? So… I should just magically teleport to their court house I guess. It says I am on call. Not sure what to do now. It lets me submit it again online. … maybe I have to do it three times to let them know I am serious.