Have you obtained a Thai single entry visa in AU as a non-AU citizen?

Hi guys,

I’m planning to spend a month in Australia before 3-4 months in Thailand, and was wondering if anyone has any experience of applying for the single entry Thai tourist visa in Australia while being a citizen of another country. I ask because in the UK, for example, they won’t give you that visa unless you are a UK resident, and I won’t be an OZ resident then.

I will be travelling before that so cannot apply in my home country.

I am aware of the Penang option, but I am specifically asking about this scenario.

Any feedback would be gratefully received!

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Not me but a good friend of mine (she’s American with a US passport) just got the six month METV in Melbourne.

Thanks Kate! I will try there :slight_smile:

Yes, I did it last month in Sydney (I’m British).

It took 2 days and was very easy. Think it cost about $45

That’s great, thanks!

Could you confirm the validity of the visa itself? I.e. how many days do you have before you have to enter Thailand before the visa is no longer valid?



In addition, @siquick, how did you get around the proof of residential address in Australia?

It was issued on the 16th August, and it has ‘Enter Before’ 15th November on the visa. So I presume it has 3 months validity.

For proof of residential address, I just showed a utility bill as I lived there permanently . It sounds like you don’t have an Australian address so you could probably use something from your home country. Couldn’t be sure though, try ringing them.