Health Insurance for Europeans?

Hi there, I’m currently looking at Allianz Global and IM Global as a health insurance for long-term travel in Asia. Any experiences with those two or are there better options for European residents?

Hi Patrick! Are those full health coverage? meaning they will substitute local health systems? I say this because I’ve registered with World Nomads for example, which is quite common among travelers too.

Hey, thanks! I was about to purchase the World Nomads insurance, but they say before you buy: “I understand, this policy is to be used for travel purposes and is not a substitute for international private medical insurance”. Most of the important things are covered by Allianz or IM Global, so I’m wondering why I should pay international private health and travel insurance.

Yes, so as far as I know Allianz and IM Global are insurance alternatives for local health systems, While World Nomads will work on top of local health including transferring you back home.

Great, thanks!