Help with short term rental in San Francisco?

I’ve been looking for a short term rental for over a month in SF. My expected arrival date is this week and I have nothing, thinking about just going somewhere else. I had three rentals from CL that fell apart right when I was about to book them.

It seems most people are using airbnb and the monthly rates are really inflated, You can’t find a studio with a monthly rate under 3.5k, while the same exact listing is going for 2600 on CL.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to look for rentals?

As you’ve found, the housing market in SF is pretty insane right now. That being said, a “hacker house” might work for you. Also check out!student-housing/cvpm
I looked up current reviews of 1080 Folsom (the housing from I’m familiar with) and the new ones are pretty mediocre. I suggest you look up reviews of particular houses on Yelp first. :frowning:

I always use Craigslist for SF accommodation & have never had trouble - mind you, I was only looking for a room.

Is a studio/private place absolutely essential? I was just looking yesterday as I plan my next trip back there & you can easily get rooms in the Mission (close to Bart & Valencia st) for $1000 p/m.

I’ve also only sorted places at the last minute so I wouldn’t worry about the timing so much. I’d get an AirBnb for a couple of nights when you arrive so you can actually see the longer-term places - it’s easier to manage when you’re actually meeting the people vs just emailing.

Have you looked into residential hotels?
That’s what I always used in SF in my backpacking days and they’re probably still the quick and affordable option.
Private room + usually having to share a shower with half the floor.
I’d avoid the Mission District though. Eck.