Here is the itinerary of our trip to Costa Rica; what would you recommend?

Hi everybody,

for those who read us in the past, we made some changes to our plan for this winter.
We decided for several reasons to postpone our trip to SEA, and decided to leave for a month in Costa Rica instead. We’ll still be travelling with our 2 kids and will need to work a little as well.

This is our itinerary for the month. 39

For those who’ve been there, how long do you think we should stay at each place?
We were planning roughly:

  • 1 week in Tamarindo/Nosara
  • 2-3 nights in Monteverde
  • 2-3 night closer to the Arenal volcano
  • 2-3 night in Quepos
  • Uvita for undetermined period of time

Do you think there’s a place (among the ones we cited or else) we should consider to stay a little longer?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Magali and Guillaume

We did almost the same trip 3 years ago!! Wifi back then was weak and had a really hard time working from there! I highly recommend getting local sim card and wifi device. Our airbnbs would say there was internet and we had them do a speed test but when we got there they did the speed test from their place and not where we were staying so be aware of that.

The kids will LOVE it. Eat the local “typical” food places it will save you money.

We rented a car it was super cheap but we were charged 3,000.00 for insurance or something like that. We were prepared. We rented a car for the month and drove that whole route. Please add: manuel antonio we wish we stayed there longer. .

Also below Tamarindo is a little surf communtiy called: Playa Avellanas less touristy. We ended up at the Osa Peninsula and it was super remote and beautiful!! Enjoy your trip! Feel free to reach out anytime. we brought a 10 year old and 16 year old with us.

Thanks for the tips. We’ll be staying 3 nights in Manuel Antonio… not enough you think?

We booked all our nights but have difficulties finding decent places to stay around Uvita (from Dec 20th to 27th). Any suggestion?
We’re open to skip Uvita and go elsewhere if we can’t find anything good enough there. Ideally, we’d like to spend these 7 days near the beach, but it’s not a must. We want a nice / quiet area with Wifi, some restaurants and surounded by nature.