House Sitting - Who would you recommend?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. We’re about to embark on our nomad lifestyle (leaving New Zealand May 18), and we want to sign up for housesitting. We’re trying to decide which would be the better option for families (2 adults and 2 kids age 9 & 6): Trusted Housesitters and/or Mind My House or would you recommend signing up for both? We’re looking at European and surrounding locations (UK/Morocco etc) from about August this year.

We have police checks, a couple of references from old landlords and photos of us with animals.

Any other recommendations when it comes to housesitting would be appreciated!

Thanks, Alice & Nathaniel

I used to be a member of both but I dropped mind my house because I never got a job from there. THS on the other hand provides me with 4-6 months of housing a year. So, that would be my recommendation. If you’re looking at August, I’d sign up ASAP since those sits are being posted now. I’d suggest getting a referral link for the 20% discount. If you don’t know anyone else with a membership, I’m happy to provide the link, just let me know.

Yes please that would be wonderful if you could provide the link. I was leaning towards THS, so you confirmed it for me. Thank you.


I sent it via DM. Good luck, house sitting is great!

Brilliant, got it, thank you!

Sure thing. :slight_smile: Hope it works out for you!

Can you sent me a link too? Might come in handy :slight_smile:

Also do you have any tips for using it? Like what you would tell yourself about it if you went back in time before you started house sitting.

Link sent. The biggest things I’ve learned:

Confirm the actual location of the house. Some people claim to be in x city when actually they’re a 45 minute bus ride from that city in the middle of BFE.

Ask what the animal routines are. Some people are a bit nuts so better to know that in advance.

Do a video call so you can get a tour of the house where you’ll be staying to make sure it’s not gross/dirty.

Make sure you have all of the pertinent contact data before they leave.

those are the biggies.


Received, thanks!

And thanks again for the tips, they could be really handy to avoid some horror stories :slight_smile:

I definitely have some stories, but luckily no horrors. :slight_smile:

Hi @dirtandrust!
We found an awesome place with Trusted House Sitters with my boyfriend during the Christmas holidays last year. We looked after an awesome house overlooking the Swiss Alps, with a full pantry and two dogs to love :slight_smile:
But I think it was luck. We sent tons of requests, but not many people trust young people, or at least that’s what it seemed like.
If you have luck with the other services other nomads have recommended, then awesome! But we did get lucky with Trusted House Sitters, so I would tell you to just reach out to a lot of people.
Oh, we also took a video talking about ourselves so the people could get to know us :slight_smile:
Good luck!

yeah, if you’re young or a single male, it’s a lot harder to get a position. I have about a 70% success rate these days.

Lucky you, never too late to get one under your sleeve you know :smiley: Or as I like reminding myself “Ask when, not if”.

Any tips for getting higher chance of success (like questions often asked or things expected)?

I’m pretty good at weeding out the crazy now. I’m sure there could be a bad experience, there always can be. but i’m generally pretty chill.

just have a complete profile and write a real, not cookie cutter, response describing why you’re interested in the job. it’s all a numbers game. at this point, i have owners contacting me because of my reputation. unfortunately i usually can’t do them. :slight_smile:

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Hello fellow Kiwi’s. We use Trusted House Sitters, there are a heap of UK house sits. We have filled 6 months this year from the site. It’s very popular so you really need to market yourself. Most people receive hundreds of replies so it’s tough to stand out. We are currently on a 3 month house sit in the Caribbean, then go to France for one 5 week, and another 6 week sit. In the 3 years we have done this there’s only ever been one house without animals so you really need to be “dog mad”. :slight_smile:

I would love the link as well, please, if you can of course!

I have my first horror story. though it’s more sad than horrific. :frowning: The cat I’ve been caring for died a couple days ago. That’s pretty much worse case scenario for me and it’s been super hard. So, crappy stuff can definitely happen.

Was wondering what would happen in such situation, in the end it’s just a numbers game, so at the same point it can happen. Was it an accident or old age? How did the owners react?

It was old age. he got sick right before I came and sicker (diagnosed with cancer) a couple weeks after. we were hoping to keep him around until she returned but it didn’t happen. she was sad, but not surprised.

i did have one cat that was injured in an accident though. that was a sucky call to make and I felt a lot of guilt though there’s nothing i could have done to prevent it. the owners recognized that and left me a glowing review. i always talk to the owners before they leave about the chances of there being some kind of accident.

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Thanks for your answers, they are really helpful.