How can I find a fair incorporation service in Hong Kong?

Hello, I’m thinking about launching a new company in Hong Kong for an international EC business though I’m not a resident nor have any address, will not live in Hong Kong.
I’ve googled and found hundreds of incorporation service offices but don’t have any idea which one is trust worthy, and which one is rip-off or con.
Can anybody recommend a specific service or tell me how to find a good service?

company called bridges, just google them , they were excellent for me and helped me get the bank account also

fully recommend

Finding a OK service is not the problem. Local services are likely to be trustworthy. I have never been scammed, but I was in HK and could visit the office.
But opening a bank account in HK for a HK company is difficult for locals now and probably (almost) IMPOSSIBLE for foreigners.

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If you are aiming for an offshore company (no taxes to be paid to HK government), just forget about it, if your turn-over are not millions of EUR/£/US$, but in that case you would probably not be here on nomadforum - hehe :wink:
The work you have with the tax man is just too much and will cost you big time due to the auditing by the government.

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@busdriver is on the money in regards to troubles opening a bank account. that will most likely be a show stopper for you.

I recently had my HK business bank account closed without warning or reason and it’s been impossible to open another one.

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@busdriver @anywow
Thank you guys!
I’m gonna study the feasibility further.

Are you sure you want to incorporate in Hong Kong? There are lots of other jurisdictions that are much easier–you get the same thing with much less hassle.

More thoughts here:

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Thank you for reminding me of other places like Belize.
I’m gonna check them!

I know how to get a HK Bank Account. Last week I was in a HK Bank getting a Company account open, I have an agent.

Were you successful in opening the account? Was it open and ready for business the same day or does it take awhile?