How can I find a local job in Bali?

Hi all,
I feel that my time in UK has come to an end. Thinking Bali before it becomes overcrowded. Problem is: I work full time, I don’t have many savings. I have a website I haven’t monetize yet. That’s my main project. Is there any way (and I don’t mean easy) to work in Bali or Ubud?. How does it work in terms of CV’s recruiting, etc. Is that an option at all?. Or there are maybe projects there I could join and how?. Getting a bit desperate :-).
Thanks a lot.

What are you good at that you could do remotely for a company, in a location where the GDP per capita is very high (eg. SV startups, New York startups, financial companies, healthcare companies, etc.)? I think that would be an easier way to cover your costs of living, the pay is usually significantly higher that way.

Try for a list of remote jobs that you could do out of Bali.