How can I find a place to live in Central America?

Hi All,

Have been bumping around the world for the last year and would like to find a semi-permanent residence somewhere in Central America or Mexico. Thinking up to 3 months or so.

Currently I am in Guatemala, but would go anywhere from San Cristobal, Mexico to SJDS, Nica. Would love to share a house with another nomad (or two or three etc.)

Doesn’t really matter to me whether it is beach, mountains or town. Would prefer to stay outside the larger cities.

I am a JavaScript developer, but also have a background in design, marketing etc.

Holler out if you are in the area and lets see if we can make something happen.



I lived in San Cris for several years and really loved it. i’m headed back for a bit in September/October if you’re around that area at the time.

Hi Jesse,

I might be able to place you with someone. I specialize in finding housing from 1 month to 1 year for online poker players, nomads, etc and am always putting roommates and houses together.

Feel free to send me a PM on here (if that’s a feature) or I’m whereskristin on Twitter.

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I’ve been living in the Bay of Banderas region of Mexico (Pacific Coast) for 7 years now and have a coworking spot in Sayulita and am opening another in Puerto Vallarta in April. Sayulita is a really awesome town but hard to find affordable/long term housing. Finding a place to stay in PV is fairly easy though. Happy to help if you’d be interested in the area.

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Thanks Chase,

Got set up in San Cristobal de las Casas for at least the next month, will have to get out of here before rainy season hits. Have heard great things about Sayulita, might take you up on the offer in a bit.

Thanks for the reply

how do you like san cris. i can’t wait to go to el caldero for lunch and have a glass of wine at vino y tapas

Love it, found a great apartment and the city is a great combination of things to see and getting around. Let me know if you make it through in the next month or so.

unfortunately not until fall. but enjoy it!