How can I have one telephone number while traveling?

I found this perfect solution that will forward phone calls to whatever SIM card you currently are using and really cheap too. But… Really horrible reviews

What do you guys say?

I’m just using a skype number, it’s a UK one as most my clients are based in the UK, and it’s pretty cheap for international calls.

Read really good things about didlogic too but have yet to try it out, heard that it’s working really well, but that it’s a pain to set up.

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I use google voice. I have a US number that I can use via wifi anywhere in the world for text, voice messages and calls to the US. International calls are cheap.

I also second Skype number


You should check that is a very good solution for a business on the go


It really depends on which country you want as your source.

USA: I personally use Google Voice (now integrated with Hangouts) as my tool of choice. One caveat is that it uses data (most options will) rather than your phone’s minutes, and it can be pretty data intensive if you’re using it a lot. Bonus: It’s FREE for inbound, and pretty cheap for non-US outbound.

Ireland, UK, Spain, Hong Kong, Austria, and a few others: Three Like Home offers free roaming in these countries (*at least the UK and Irish SIMs, I cannot speak to others) so it’s pretty handy if you’re Europe based.

Otherwise, I’d vote Skype In based on the price that wanted ($30 is a bit spendy imo). ~$20 for unlimited calling to landlines globally (mobile is expensive still).

I just set up Google Voice. It’s pretty amazing. You can use it if you’re not in US with some workarounds:

Open a VPN tunnel to US, install Talkatone to get a US number, then go to Google Voice and open an account. Then use the Talkatone US number to confirm it. It works!

Then install Hangouts on your phone and connect your number. Now you have one number you can use anywhere. You can even get called on it through Hangouts! Wow :smiley:


I’m US based so I’m using the domestic Republic Wireless with my US phone number. They have a $5 wifi only plan so I can only use my phone for talking, texting, and browsing when I have a wifi connection. This has worked fine for me because I’m usually with my husband if I’m not at our apartment or coworking space.

My husband is using Google fi which works all over the world. It’s $20 for talk and text and then you pay for data as you go.

Both options are affordable and great!

I can tell until now good things about worldsim
Not too cheap but as long you only need a phone number, it’s straight forward and works everywhere
You can have US, UK or any other local number (you choose)

I bought it on a airline but you can also order it online at keeps your mobile phone number alive, over local 3G or Wi-Fi. Unlimit incoming calls and cheap outgoing calls.

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I also have a Skype number! Rings through to my phone when not on Skype…

Check out for example. It’s similar to a skype number (giving you a UK landline number), just free and can be used with some apps or even a gigaset cordless phone (with SIP VoIP)