How can I incorporate my business in the Czech Republic?

Hey Guys,

I am planning on moving to Prague for 3-9 months as soon as May 1, 2015. I would be running a sports nutrition company remotely from there. Incorporating my business in Czech Republic and citing that as my “purpose for stay” seems like the most legitimate way to obtain a long term visa. I know the Nomad Guide to Prague is supposed to have directions on how to do this. Does anyone have any intel on when that is going to be available? Any tips for incorporating my business there? Finally, does anyone have advice for staying as long as possible on a tourist visa. Thanks a lot guys!

Hi Jason! We’re writing the Prague guide now, will be up in a month I think.

I once stayed somewhere for several years on a tourist visa.
Of course it required facing a tribunal. I wouldn’t recommend it :wink:

Not sure if you’re new to the visa mess, but on the off chance that you are - a bit of knowledge: Many countries will not let you transfer from a tourist visa to another type of visa while within their country.

Okay, thanks a lot. Look forward to seeing the Prague guide.