How can I monitor my data usage when I have limited amounts of mobile data?

I use a mobile internet stick that gives me 1 gigabyte of bandwidth in a 24-hour period. If I use it all up in half that time (easy with print jobs) I have to either wait it out or use another stick. What are some of the things I can do to keep bandwidth from being used without my knowledge? (macbook pro / Yosemite) I looked in the activity monitor and safari seemed to be using a lot so I keep it off now when I’m not using it, and I paused synching on dropbox and creative cloud until I’m hooked up to wifi. Any other tricks?

Tripmode is made for exactly this :smile: . I use it, it’s awesome, does exactly what it’s supposed to.


Another one is disabling automatic downloads for app and system updates.

System Preferences > App Store

  • Deselect ‘Download updates in the background’

I’m in the same situation with chewing through mobile data but
Tripmode looks great for managing individual app usage. Downloading it now to try out =)

I use Little Snitch and have different profiles set up for different situations (e.g., 3G, 4G, slow Wi-Fi, fast Wi-Fi).

Thanx all of you for your answers. @travis I downloaded the free version of Tripmode and am about to give it a try. Just disabled automatic downloads from the app store. Had never heard of that trick — thanx @zaphyr. Saw Little Snitch yesterday while researching this — will try that too @yanokwa

Ah, just found a comparison site: looks like Tripmode is the one for me (KISS).

In case someone else stumbles over this. For mac/ios developers you can use the “Network Link Conditioner” which can be downloaded from the Apple Developer portal as part of the
Hardware IO Tools for Xcode.

I prefer this solution since it doesn’t require any further configuration and/or selection.