How can I receive calls to a US number?

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I came across FireRTC that allows anyone to call a US number from their computers for free. The number can be easily changed, but the drawback is that one cannot receive calls on that number.

I have gone through some of the recommendations in the other threads

After that has someone discovered a solution thats as simple as calling or receiving calls on a mobile phone? (To be more specific, a lot of these might not work for/ from India.)

Skype numbers allow you to call in and out.

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Have you looked into Google’s Project FI for cell service/data in foreign countries?

Also, for voip easy plug and play - the vonage adapter and a cordless phone worked well for us from Europe to the US. US number rang per usual, and unlimited calling in the US. It was nice having a dedicated voip device and phone, even though we needed a power converted for the surge protector to power the voip device + cordless phone base and plug it into the router.

If you don’t have access to the router, you could always setup a wi-fi bridge (we also bring one of those along) that connects to the in house wi-fi and allows us to wire into the lan, as well as extend the wi-fi range. These little routers are super helpful. Check out if you are in Europe.

I have used Skype and Google Voice for years.

I really like the Google Voice transcription of voice messages sent to my email. It may not be possible to sign up from India, though, unless you have a friend with a US number to tie the GV to.

For me, Skype has been more reliable than GV, but I assume that will change as Project Fi integrates with GV. I have been thinking about Fi for the International roaming at 20 cents a minute.

But my is the best deal I have ever had at EU 20 per month including data and International roaming (although there are limits to how many days total per year).

Right now I am using Google voice, and it’s great!
Although you need a US phone number, I worked around that using .
It gives you a phone number that you can use to verify and get a google voice number :smile:

Skype is great for inbound numbers.

One of the best things I’ve done is set my US cell phone number as my skype caller id. That way friends/family/colleagues recognize the # and pick up.

try this one it’s allow to receive incoming calls on your own mobile number even if you change the SIM for local one. Don’t need to buy additional numbers. And it’s pretty cheap for outgoing calls.

I posted my experience with a bunch of apps here, and my current setup: