How can I stay in Thailand for 6 months as a European?

Hi, tried to find an answer on the internet & in this forum, but no luck…

With the changed visa requirements/visa runs how do you guys stay in Thailand for an extended amount of time? Currently living in Rio de Janeiro - but would love to spend +6months (up to 12) in Chiang Mai, without following Thai classes :wink:


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As a Schengen citizen, you can get a triple entry Thai Tourist Visa for 2 months each stay in your home country. Once in Thailand, you can then extend each stay painlessly by one month for 1.900 THB at the local immigration, so you can stay 9 months total.

You have to leave the country by plane for at least 1 week each Visa run and there is no guarantee to get back in, especially the 3rd time. It’s easy to find a flat for 3 months in most Thai cities, in Chiang Mai even for 1 month. Just prepare for the worst on a Visa run.

As for the Education Visa, it doesn’t have to be Thai courses, people do English courses for example and class adherence is still not enforced.

Also learning some Thai will enrich your experience by a landslide, but I don’t wanna lecture you :wink:

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You can get double entry Thai visa in your country and extend it two times for 6 month total. That will cost you $80 for a visa and 2 * 1.900 THB at the immigration office.
So, you come in, spend 2 months here, apply for a 1 month extension (success rate is about 100%, as I think and it takes 3 hours max to get the stamp in your passport), then you leave the country and return back to do the same procedure.

As an American, I tried to go to the Thai Embassy in Guangzhou to get a longer than 30 days visa, the worker behind the counter told me, “Americans don’t need visa for thailand”, I was like, “I know, but I want one for longer than 30 days”, she was like, “We can’t guarantee that”