How can we ship our two suitcases from South Korea to Vietnam?

Hey nomads!
My boyfriend and I have been living in S. Korea for the past two years and have somehow (probably my fault) accumulated tons of junk. We’re planning on shipping stuff back home to Texas but we’re still needing to store two big suitcases and have them shipped to wherever we end up next, possibly Hanoi. I found this website Have any of you used this company before? Do they charge an arm and a leg? Or do you all have any alternatives?

I always use CJ Korea Express when I’ve shipped my stuff between the states/China/AUS and S.Korea. They are the most reliable shipping company in Korea with a reasonable price. As I know, CJ has local partners in SEA including Vietnam. If you need any help with talking to the CJ’s customer service, let me know :wink:

Awesome thanks Youjin! That’s great to know since the only company I know about is Korea post. And thanks for the offer, I’ll definitely hit you up on that once it gets closer to the date! We’re hoping a friend will be willing to store them at their place until we get to Vietnam :wink: