How do I change my Thailand single entry visa to a double or triple entry visa?

I picked up my Thailand visa today. I wanted a double or triple entry visa but forgot to specify this in my application. This is my first visa ever and thus a rookie mistake. I told the lady who gave me my visa that I had made a mistake and asked how I could get a double instead. She was of zero help unfortunately and said maybe next time.

But I know there is a way! Any help is greatly appreciated. I fly out on Friday, July 3 so my time is kind of limited although I can apply for a visa and pick it up just 2 days later.

I’ve found my answer. I did not know that it’s easy to enter and re-enter Thailand multiple times without a fuss. I was thinking you could just enter up to 3 times and then have to be out for a while or something. I’m a newbie for sure but eager to learn. :slight_smile:

It’s a Tourist Visa right? And says S under No of Entries?

No way to add entries to it once it’s bought and stickered in your passport. Usually when people talk about double-entry tourist visas, they mean it’s the same sticker, but they paid for 2 visas. Each instance allowing you 2 60-day periods.

So if yours is a single, you will have 60 days allowed in country (extendable to 90 if you want). But if you leave during the period and intend to come back using the same visa, be sure to get a re-entry permit.

It’s also easy to come and go for Americans to a large degree. Look me up when you get here and I can explain more better :smiley: