How do I find short-term housing in Amsterdam?

Looking on Airbnb but it is really expensive. Anyone have any other options or sites that Dutch people use? Need a place from May to July.

Impossible :open_mouth:

Here’s your options (I’m from Amsterdam):

  • Hostel dorms at ~ $60/night (or $1,800/month)
  • Hotel rooms at ~ $200/night (or $6,000/month)
  • Airbnb at ~ $100/night (or $3,000/month, if you get a discount maybe $2,000/month)
  • Long-term rent for expats at $1,750/month
  • Short-term rent for expats at $2,500/month
  • Long-term rent for locals at $1,250/month
  • Short-term rent for locals at $1,500/month

Why is locals cheaper? Well, Dutch are very insulated socially, so they have Dutch-speaking Facebook groups where they rent out places to others. They also like to sub rent houses “within friend groups”, e.g. when they go on a year of world travel. It’s smart because renting to foreigners means more trouble to them (that’s why expats are charged premium).

Amsterdam isn’t cheap anymore. Actually it’s next to London, the most expensive city in Europe. One of the most expensive in the world. I’ll be sub renting a 1-bedroom place from a friend for $1,250 and that’s a pretty great deal. 6-people hostel dorms go for $60/night (!). Hotel rooms go for $200/night average.

The only people living in Amsterdam cheaply are the student kids whose wealthy parents bought a house for them or who got a mortgage themselves.

The only way to live cheap in Amsterdam is to live OUTSIDE Amsterdam, which means Amstelveen etc. And you don’t really wanna live there, trust me (although it’s GREAT compared to the rest of world, it’s boring af).

Why don’t you consider other cities? Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven are cheaper and also very interesting places.


Thanks for all the advice. If you need an idea for a new site or an addition to this site, I think there is a big niche for affordable short term furnished housing for digital nomads. Airbnb doesn’t really cater to it very well.

Really, @levelsio? The second-most expensive city in Europe? I’m curious as to where that data comes from. Maybe it’s because I’m from a far more expensive city (Vancouver), but I’ll take Amsterdam prices over Oslo/Stockholm/Paris/Zurich/Geneva any day of the week :slight_smile:

He’s sure right about housing, though, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find something here because the housing stock is fairly limited (primarily driven by the large-but-dwindling proportion of very centrally located social and student housing properties and exponential levels of demand within the Ring [the A10 highway]). There are plenty of websites out there like HousingNet that target either reasonably-paid foreigners or their Dutch counterparts, but they tend to charge agent fees and usually aren’t for rental periods shorter than a year (it’s worth checking, though).

If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, I’d strongly recommend searching through the multitudes of Facebook groups on the subject if you can’t find any Airbnb’s to suit your needs. While lots of them are closed groups, they usually add new people pretty quickly. Some of the bigger groups that I’ve used and had success with in the past are:

  • Amsterdam Apartments 4 Rent (this one is especially good if you don’t understand Dutch)
  • Kamers Gezocht/Aangeboden
  • Woonruimte Aangeboden / Gezocht (Amsterdam)

If you want to get a quick sense of what property prices (which, in general, correspond with rent prices, but not always) are like in Amsterdam, the city government has a handy interactive map that shows these numbers for 2014. There’s a lot of neighbourhoods in that map that remain pretty affordable, especially in Amsterdam-Oost (more affordable neighbourhoods here include Indische Buurt, Watergraafsmeer, and the slightly-out-of-the-way Oostelijk Havengebied), Amsterdam-West (good neighbourhoods to look for here are De Baarsjes, Bos en Lommer, and Kolenkitbuurt), and Amsterdam-Noord (pretty much all of it, but you’d have to depend on the free 24-hour ferry between Amsterdam Centraal and the north).

If you want to live within a 20-minute train of Amsterdam, other options could be Haarlem, Amstelveen, Purmerend, or Diemen. Of those, though, only the first one is really any fun on its own.

Well, second most expensive in housing right now!