How do I get an Independent Work Visa (TP7) for Colombia

I work as remote freelance developer (might become permanent) for US companies and I want to go back to Colombia. I already used my tourist visa. I have seen that it’s possible to get a TP7 for independent work but I don’t understand two points :

  1. Authorization or registration of the foreigner’s activity, issued by the respective regulatory entity when appropriate. (What is the regulatory entity here?)
  2. Document certifying the address of the place where the activity or work is to be carried out, such as an authentic copy of the RUT or certification of existence and legal representation, issued by the respective Chamber of Commerce.
    At the moment I’m in Arequipa, Peru. Do I have to remotely create a company in Colombia? Do I need a contract as Independent with a Colombian company?
    I got a UK LTD too if that can help.
    PS: If you know some great intermediary companies that can handle all this against fees.
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