How do I immigrate to Paraguay?

How do I start the immigration process to Paraguay? Do I just need to fly there and apply?

You need to be more specific about the passport that you currently hold, and your intentions.

I want a 2nd passport from Paraguay. I have a US passport. So I need to get Paraguay citizenship after 3 years of residency.

I got residency a couple years ago. First step is to read the requirements from Paraguay Migraciones website:

Thank you. Did you have to apply in person in Paraguay? Also, did you have to prove residency for the 3 years (prove where you lived in Paraguay) ?

“Paraguay also has a relatively inexpensive second passport process where you can become a permanent resident when you put $25,000 in a bank account (which can be withdrawn) and go through an application process we would be happy to assist you with. After 3 years of permanent residency, one can apply for a second passport.” claim to be able to help too.

Is the $25,000 put into a reputable bank? Sorry, I am just skeptical because I know there’s some scams out there. No offense.

richardh: The sites you provided are pure ripoffs. There is no such program that requires USD25k deposit. Feel free to check the official immigration website.

nathantech2005: Yes to both of your questions.

Ya. I was skeptical. I’ve come across all kinds of scams. I wish I could find a trustworthy lawyer in Paraguay to submit the docs for me.

I will just try applying solo. If I run into problems, then I will contact attorney. I speak some Spanish but should get a translator.

Why do you want a second passport? As an american citizen you would still have trouble with taxes everywhere and a paraguayan passport is not that good. Far better passports are from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay…

The Paraguay citizenship is just easy to get. It doesn’t actually require living there.

I do not want to sound like a troll but easy things are never worth the trouble imho…

You’ll lose the citizenship if you don’t live in Paraguay for 3 years, right?
Argentinian citizenship, on the other hand, can never be lost (or got rid of).

First of all, to acquire permanent residency in Paraguay you need to deposit 25 million Guarani with the central bank (around 4400$US). You need a few other documents such as a criminal background check, birth certificate etc.

You need to fly there and apply in person (on your own or with the help of a local immigration attorney). You can complete the whole process in a few days but I recommend spending a month in town just to make sure.

A few months later you receive your ID card (cedula) and voila, you are a PR.

That being said, you can’t become a citizen easily. The only way at the moment is to spend three years IN the country and prove significant local ties (a local business, a wife/husband, lots of friends etc).

I wrote an article on the subject a few months ago: