How do I open a remote limited company?

I’m moving to Brasil soon and still got my UK company but it’s kind of a mess to handle post forwarding + my trashy accountancy service(I’ll give no name).
I know that opening a company in Brasil is like hell soooo I was wondering if there was another way like remotely opening a company in Bali or which ever country (that’s just a wild guess) :).

Yeah, opening a company here in Brazil for non-citizens is a nightmare. It’s always possible to do it in other countries, but it involves a cost and specific rules (# of employees, $ of anual revenue, etc). You should do a deep research on that. I know that Estonia is the fastest one, not sure about their rules. Cyprus and Ireland has very low tax fees, but probable require a big investment, and so on.

Wow that was a quick reply, can I do it while dancing samba in Brazil?
I’d be really annoyed to move out of brazil just to open a company in another country.
I’m only viewing worst case scenario here ;).

I was curious about your question and a google search for “set up offshore company” provided some great results. You might want to check it out.

Wow those are great informations, I always get awesome info here, thanks!
If you had to pick one which one would you choose? I would personally avoid countries with unstable government.